Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Demand for strong regulatory body for real estate sector

All major developers and builders are sitting on huge pile of loan.
 DLF alone has loan of 40000 crores.
In north India sale of flats slumped @50%.

Thousands of flats are ready to move in NCR alone,
 but no buyer in market due to ridiculously high prices of flats.

However new projects are launched with promise of 3 years delivery which will certainly extend to 5-6 years.
 Many builders are giving option of No EMI till possession plans.

You buy a 5 lac car which must pass through BS-4 standard . 
You buy 5000 rs geyser which must be ISI complaint .

All insurance mutual funds banks, stock market are regulated by following bodies like RBI SEBI IRDA etc..
For even cheap services or goods there is consumer court to keep check on shop keepers and manufacturer .
Even TRAI monitors the telecom operators for maximum charges 1 minute call or 1 SMS . Just drop a mail to nodal officer of telecom operator keeping TRAI email in CC , your all genuine problem are sorted out in no time.
Even you can complain online , against misleading advertisement

" However there is no quality check regulatory or body for flats."

No regulatory authority is there to decide max prices for flat , quality and features provided by builder.
Builders are free to exploit consumers after bribing government , authority and various clearance agents.

CREDAI is a body of builders and formed by builders which is nothing to do with consumer concerns.
You pay 10 lacs for a car and if any fault is found , manufacturing company call backs the car and fix it on its own cost.
We buys flats from 10 lacs to many crores .
But There is no warranty no guarantee . one sided conditions in BBA. For any unfulfilled promise buyer has no choice to protest except fighting court cases.

A buyer who has already invested his life saving and paying EMIs can't think of going to court.
Even court pass order to demolish the illegal construction on ground nothing happens .. builder has free hand.
Your one step can force government to form a strong regulatory body which can ensure that we get flat on time with promised quality and services.

Solution : STOP buying booking the flats for next 2 years prefer only resale transactions with individuals .. not even with agents.

Don't fall in trap of freebies which builder gives you from your hard earned money.
subvention schemes of No EMI till possession is classic example where customer take the loan to pay EMI unknowingly for the period of "no emi till possession ".

See the power of builder banker nexus . prices are inflated .. bank grant loan of 30 lacs , gives builder 25 lac and keeps 5 lac for no emi till possession.

Just one remedy ..

STOP buying the flat for next two years or until the regulatory body comes ..
You are giving at least 30 lacs to builder .. if you buy a BMW car of 30 lacs , just think what kind of product and services you get from BMW .

When builder defaults the delivery timeline he merely pay 5000 per month irrespective of flat size for the duration he decides. If you default the payment he charges 18% . In most of the cases builders offset the delivery penalty against the few days delay in payment of builder demands.

Let's unite and fight to get same quality and comfort from builder..say no to harassment.

DO share the message with all your friends and relatives to stop all sale and booking of flats.

How it will work : Remember sale in reality sector is engine of GDP and monitored closely by government agencies to get clue of direction of economy .

YOU have the power to STOP the engine and force government to act and protect flat buyers from harassment.

Do share the message to all prospective home buyers and your friends.
 If we can eradicate congress from India then we can certainly protect us and our fellow citizens from inhuman harassment by builder.

This is the right time because all builder are already under huge debt .
Sale is all time low.
Only new bookings are giving money to builders
Builders have already diverted money in creating land bank and have no money to complete the project.
If we unite and able to stop all sale demanding for STRONG regulatory body  having fully online system for flat buyer.
Yes we should raise  request for a  online system like IRCTC/ trading platform where flat inventory and project details , clearance builders and developers details are listed clearly. All this understand the tight grip of a real estate regulatory body.